Vanessa Sun

BA in Mathematics & Studio Art, Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, City University of New York (CUNY)

Currently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Student Technical Assistant at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Research Assistant at MIT Stable Isotope Geobiology Laboratory

Upcoming Engagements

Conferences & Seminars I Will Be Attending

Conferences & Seminars I Currently Attend

  • MIT Earth, Atmospheric, Planetary Sciences (EAPS) seminars and talks:
    • Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate Colloquium
    • MIT EAPS Geochemistry Faculty Search Seminar
    • MIT EAPS Department Lecture Series
  • Geodynamics Program at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Current Projects

Recent Projects/Engagements

  • Led a math REU application application workshop for OURFA²M² with Luke Seaton: January 2022
  • Attended the 2022 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting: January 2022
  • Attended the 2021 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting: December 2021
  • Organized the 2nd annual conference of The Online Undergraduate Resource Fair for the Advancement and Alliance of Marginalized Mathematicians: December 2021
  • Led Peer Mentoring and Career-Building Support for Marginalized STEM Undergraduates workshop with Lee Trent at the 11th Annual oSTEM (Out in STEM) Conference: October 2021
  • Attended the SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Conference: October 2021
  • Volunteered as a judge for HackMIT 2021 hackathon: September 2021
  • Was a Computing Scholar at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: June – August 2021
  • OURFA²M² contributed to Drs. Aris Winger & Pamela E. Harris’ new book, Practices & Policies: Advocating for Students of Color in Mathematics: August 2021
  • Led Beamer Presentation and Poster Presentation Workshops for the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute-Undergraduate Program 2021 with Amaury Miniño (Invited): July 2021
  • Student-Led Academic Community Organizing – MAA Math Values Blog: June 2021

Current CV